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The True McDouble at McDonalds!

So as we are getting into the busy season, I get call from another pressure washer in the area that I partner with from time to time. He was asking for help quoting a pair of McDonalds in Vienna and Oakton. We bid the jobs together, and commenced with the cleaning! They both wanted their entire buildings cleaned, as well as their drive-thru area. As with any commercial cleaning, we recommended the softwash method for the buildings, as this is the safest way to ensure no high pressure can do any damage, but with amazingly clean results. We also used a commercial degreaser and surfactant to clean remove tough grime and muck from the drive-thru. As a courtesy, we also cleaned all of their paver stone areas with our algicide just to make the buildings clean from top to bottom. The hardest part? Both of the stores were open 24 hours, and we had to work around cars, customers, and workers. So the next time your out at McDonalds in Northern Virginia and see a couple of trucks parked outside spraying water, the logos on the side will be Virginia PowerClean!

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Products Used

    XJet, Turbo Nozzle, Soft wash building Mix

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