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Drive-Thru Cleaning & Degreasing For Well-Kept Fairfax Fast Food Places


Are grease and grime a problem around your restaurant drive-thru? If so, we can help by pressure washing the area to remove dirt and stains that make your exterior look dingy. You want your restaurant exterior to look inviting. Pressure washing is a great way to ensure your customers have a great impression of your business every visit.

Drive-Thru Degreasing

Need pressure washing for Fairfax fast food drive-thrus? You're in the right place! You're already frustrated by the grease and grime that builds up so fast. Don't feel more frustrated by the time it takes you to scrub it off yourself. Instead, partner with our professional pressure washing team to ensure that your restaurant looks as good as new.

Sure, you can do the pressure washing yourself, but when you hire a professional you get much better results. After all, getting rid of grease and grime isn't as easy as spraying on a cleaner and rinsing it away. Your walls, concrete, and windows may also have a mix of mildew, algae, bird droppings, and set-in oil that calls for special techniques.

Grease is easier to clean off of some surfaces than others. For example, your windows are less porous than other surfaces, making it easier to rinse away with strong water pressure. Our team of top-rated Fairfax pressure washing professionals can assess the damage on each surface and use the proper technique for each one.

It should come as no surprise that your drive-thru is one of the toughest areas to clean. We can clean each surface with a unique mix of cleaners and water pressure for one. Our solutions even disinfect handles and surfaces that get touched all day by your team and customers. For best results, continue to wipe down your most frequently touched surfaces regularly. This helps to keep grime from building up as quickly.

In addition to disinfecting, we can also use cleaning solutions that offer a protective coating on your drive-thru surfaces to help prevent future staining.

Your Drive-Thru Can Look As Good As New

Ready to say goodbye to oil and grease around your drive-thru? Our team is ready to tackle your toughest project. And our services aren't limited to drive-thrus. We can tackle all your pressure washing jobs - big and small. This includes dumpster pad cleaning and other similar needs. When you partner with our team of well-trained Fairfax pressure washers, you know you'll have amazing results. We'd love to schedule your free consultation today.

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