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Fairfax Driveway Washing Specialists To Ensure Clean Concrete Surfaces


If you've been looking for driveway washing services in Fairfax and the surrounding areas, you're in the right place. Grime and filth can set in your concrete over time and leave it looking dark and dirty. While the process is natural due to weather and elements, that doesn't mean you have to leave it. Your driveway appearance can decline so slowly that you don't notice it right away. Then one day you wake up and realize your driveway doesn't look its best anymore.

Top-Notch Concrete Cleaning

Concrete pressure washing is a must for Fairfax home and business owners. We have the best driveway washing services in Fairfax and Northeast Virginia. Our team is thorough, and we do the job right the first time, following a tried-and-true regimen. Before pressure washing your driveway, we want to clear any loose items from the area. We ask that you park your cars along the street or out of the way. This helps our team get to work on treating your driveway immediately.

After that our team sweeps away grass or dirt so we can get right to the concrete without missing any spots. This makes pressure washing more efficient. If you have plants and flowers, we can cover them with heavy-duty plastic secured with painter's tape for extra protection. Keep in mind that the spray from our powerful pressure washing machines mists onto nearby surfaces. We may also need to cover doorways to prevent water from leaking into your home and garage.

After the initial prep work, it's time to begin pressure washing or soft washing! We start by pretreating your concrete with chemicals to loosen grime and oil. After that, we methodically spray on a coat of detergent and let it soak for five to ten minutes. That way when we pressure wash, the stains come up quicker.

Our team works succinctly to ensure we don't miss any areas. Once we complete the cleaning, we go back and look at your entire driveway to make sure we didn't miss any spots. As we clean, we pay close attention to crevices, cracks, and corners where dirt gets trapped easily.

If you want your driveway pressure washing results to last longer, you can seal your concrete after the water dries. Use a paint roller to apply a concrete sealant and block grime and grease from getting trapped in your driveway. For best results, begin in the middle and work your way out toward the edges. Apply the coating generously. Let the seal set for at least 24 hours before walking or parking on your driveway again.

Schedule Your Fairfax Driveway Washing Service Today

It's easy to think your driveway doesn't look dirty. We want to show you that it can look new again. Our team is the premier pressure washing company in Fairfax and the surrounding areas, and we look forward to working with you. We offer a free consultation and can also talk about other pressure washing services we offer, like sidewalk cleaning. Just give us a call today to schedule your initial consultation.

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