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Fairfax Fence Cleaning For Total Property Care


You paid a lot of money for your fence. It makes your home look great and also protects your property. Fence cleaning is a great way to maintain your investment. Your fence keeps your home and family safe year-round, and now it's time to give the surface a little TLC.

Fence Cleaning

Need fence pressure washing for Fairfax homes or businesses? You're in the right place! Paying for professional pressure washing ensures that the job is done right. Sure, you can do the work yourself, but partnering with a professional team is the best way to make your investment pays off. Fence cleaning isn't as simple as spraying the wood until it's clean. Mold, bird droppings, algae, and set-in dirt require specialized cleaners. After all, your fence is in the cold, heat, and other weather elements all day and night.

Plus, using too strong of water pressure can damage your fence surface, whether it's wood, vinyl, or something else. Our local team of premier fence cleaning professionals in Fairfax guarantees to get the job done right. If you have plants and flowers nearby, we can protect them in a couple of ways. First, we can cover them with plastic for the length of our service. Or we can spray them down with plain water first. This ensures that our detergents wash away instead of absorbing into stems and roots.

After that, we work to clean each fence panel carefully. First, we spray your fence with special cleaners and let the solution work to loosen algae and dirt. Then, we rinse away the detergent, dirt, and grime using soft water pressure. For set-in stains, we have additional attachments like spout attachments to help us reach narrow crevices. Once the job is complete, our team looks at your fence once more to ensure they didn't miss any areas.

Protect Your Fence

If you have a vinyl fence, they are usually easier to clean. This is because the vinyl surface doesn't absorb stains the same way a wood fence does. If you want to protect your wood fence from future stains and damage, we suggest applying a special wood sealant following fence pressure washing.

Because wood is more absorbent, you should wait 48 hours before sealing the wood. It's important that all of the water evaporates so it doesn't get trapped under your paint or sealant. Pay close attention to fence edges and wood grooves where moisture can get in easily. For your fence sealant to be most effective, you have to cover every crevice.

Your Fence Can Look As Good As New

Give us a call today to schedule your fence washing service. And remember that we aren't limited to pressure washing fences. We can also help you with house washing and other cleaning needs. When you hire our team of well-trained pressure washers in Fairfax, you know the job will be done correctly the first time. We'd love to meet with you for a free assessment and service quote.

Conact Us If You Need Professional Pressure Washing In Fairfax & Surrounding Areas!